Deep Tissue $70/hr

Deep tissue massage is designed to target deep adhesions in the fibers of muscle tissue and fascia, which is the connective tissue that stabilizes, attaches, and separates muscles and organs. Slow specific trigger point focus is used to break up adhesions and patterns of tension in the body.

Swedish Massage $70/hr

The primary goal of a Swedish massage is relaxation. It involves long slow effleruage strokes that decrease muscle tension and increase blood flow throughout the body. Swedish massage can be combined with deep tissue techniques creating a combination of intermittent focused pressure and relaxing soothing strokes.

Prenatal Massage $70/hr

Designed for women who are a minimum of 15 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy bolsters are used to allow a prone position while on the table. Specific attention is paid to areas that may be experiencing increased stress such as low back and hips.

Sports Massage $70/hr

Designed for people who are active or athletic. Sports massage is geared towards conditioning muscles using fast flushing strokes, focused pressure, stretching, and hydrotherapy (the use of ice and heat) in order to reduce the risk of injury before and after training and events. 

Hot Stone $85/hr ~ or add on to any massage for $10

Volcanic besalt stones are heated and used to massage the body in effleruage type strokes to warm up tissue melting through layers of tension. Choose a full body hot stone massage or use in specific target areas. Hot stone massage is not recommended for people with certain heart conditions or women who are pregnant.

Additional Pricing:

30 mins/ $40

75 mins/ $85

90mins/ $100

2hrs/ $135