I developed an interest in holistic wellness during my undergraduate studies at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME while pursuing my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Ecology.  Human Ecology is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the relationship between humans and their environment and works towards improving those relationships.

I went on to study massage therapy at Acadia School of Massage, studying under Naturopathic Doctor John E. Baranowski and Kiana Lyford, L.M.T. My instructors passed on their passion and knowledge of massage therapy and its ability to impact overall wellness and quality of life.

In my practice I use a combination of modalities such as Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Technique, Trigger Point, Cupping, Swedish, and Hydrotherapy. I am deeply committed to effective and individualized treatment for all clients. With detailed attention to clients’ health history, I work towards understanding everyone's unique needs while encouraging lifestyle changes that will benefit overall health and longevity.